Friday, 1 June 2018

Top 20 Love Quotes in English for Him and Her - Love Status for Whatsapp in English

Top 20 Love Quotes in English for Him and Her - Love Status for Whatsapp in English

No one notices yours tears 😢
No one notices yours sadness 😞
No one notices yours pains 😓
But they all notices your mistakes 🙁

Sad love Quotes

Love Quotes in English

When I miss you ☺ I re-read our old messages 
And smile like an idiot 😁😁

If I did anything right in my life ,
It was when I gave you
My heart to you 😘

Love Quotes

Love Quotes in English

I want only two things 
In this world 
I want you 👩 
I want us 💏

Only 👉you🙍‍♀can 
Put a smile 😊 on my face,
When , I am sad 😞

Some times ☝it's better to be alone 😞 ,
No one can hurt 💔 you ❌

Short and meaningful lines,
An eye 👁 with dust & a hurt ❤ with trust
 Always cries 😢

I never stopped loving 💏
I just stopped showing it 😞

You are the first and last thing
 On my mind each and every day 😘

I did three things today 
Miss you !
Miss you !
I miss you !

Love Quotes

Cute love images

I miss your love❤
I miss your toch🤝
I feel you everyday
💏I love you 💏

Love Quotes

love Quotes in English

Love me 💏 for a second
And I'll love you forever ☺

Love is a game 💏
That two can play❤
And both win✌

When you love someone more than they deserve,
Surely they will hurt you 
More than you deserve 💔

When I first met you🤝
I didn't know 😇
You were gonna 
Be this important to me☺

You wanna know who I am in love with 🤔 ?
Read the first word again 😘

Every time I look at the keyboard ⌨ I see that,
U and I are always together ❤

A person who loves you truly ,
Will never let you go whatever the situation is ☺

Lonely is not being alone it's the feeling 
That no one is cares for you 😞

Sometimes the hardest thing ,
And the right are the same 👍

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